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All New Features
Key Highlights
  • Multiphysics for IronCAD. MPIC's technology using SefeaTM (Strain-Enriched Finite Element Analysis) gives you extended capabilities to test you products at a lower mesh level. SefeaTM is the newest enriched finite element formulation developed specifically for low-order 4-node tetrahedron elements commonly used in CAD simulation.
  • SmartMarkup. Using SmartMarkup, the changes are performed on the model so that everyone can clearly understand the desired change. Designers can then accept, reject or further optimize design changes directly on the real design models to speed product designs into production.
  • IronCAD PMI. 3D Annotation framework that is the basis for PMI (Product Manufacturing Information). Users will now have the ability to create 3D annotation such as Linear, Angular, and Radial/Diameter Dimensions, Notes, Geometric Tolerances, Surface Finish, Weld and Datum annotations directly in 3D on desired plane or viewing orientations
  • IRONCAD COMPOSE iOS.  Application allowing users to view and collaborate designs with your extended teams. Share files and catalogs with the iOS version of COMPOSE and configure your designs on your tablet directly with your customers.